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Working Out on a Busy Schedule

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“I just don’t have time.”

That’s the number one excuse we use to avoid working out. No time for the gym, no time to jog, no time.

What if I told you that here today, I can cut that excuse out of your vocabulary?

If you feel like this post was written specifically for you, read on.


Working Out on a Busy Schedule

The first, and most important thing is your motivation. Plain and simple, you aren’t going to do it if you don’t want to do it.

You’ve got to dig deep and figure out what you’re working for. Do you want to be fit? Are you looking for a more healthy lifestyle? Do you want to fit into that old dress from high-school? Or are you just trying to get back into your groove?

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Whatever your reason, it needs to be a good one.

Finding the Right Place

Loving where you workout can make all of the difference. Contact gyms in your area to find out if they have a trial period you can sign up for.

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The Day Before

If you’ve already decided “okay, tomorrow I’m going to workout”, make sure you make it easy to follow through.

Pack your gym bag and put it in the car, fill your water bottle and have it in the fridge, preset the coffee maker.

Make it as easy as walking out the door!

The Day Of

Now is the tricky part. You’ve got to figure out when you can squeeze it in!

In my opinion, you have three options when you’re day is absolutely packed:

Get up early, and bring your work clothes in your gym bag. Shower at the gym and head to work.

Do a mini workout on your lunch break, like a jog or run.

Go after work, before going home. If you go home and sit on the couch, you’re less likely to get up and to the gym!

Do you think these tips will work for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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