Making a Kids Party Healthy

The words “healthy” and “kid” rarely go together. But when it comes to actually caring for our kids, it’s usually birthday parties that we let them off the hook food-wise. Making a kids party healthy isn’t exactly an easy task, let me tell you.

How can we make food appear as good as the sweets, while actually being good for them?

Making A Kids Party Healthy - The Southern Smiths


Hungry, Hungry Hippos! Making a Kids Party Healthy

Disguise With Dips

As you know, there are a ton of dips full of sugar. But if you set the example yourself, dipping carrot sticks into hummus, they’ll be getting the benefits from the carrots and the good fats from the hummus! Try to stay healthy, because when done correctly the dips can disguise some of the taste of the vegetables!

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Give Them Protein To Fill Up On

Sometimes, your kid is going to straight up refuse to eat their vegetables. One thing they never refuse, however, is good quality protein. Chicken, fish, and cheese may not sound particularly healthy, but they are chock full of healthy B vitamins. It’s not always a lost battle if it’s all you can get them to eat. You can learn everything you need to know about kids and protein from this article from Strong4Life.

Go For Colors

Sometimes, the food just needs to look appealing. If you’re hiring a caterer, make sure you view the menus and pick out dishes with lots of color. For some kids this is half the battle!

Fill it With Flavor

For the other kids, though, you may need to pump up the flavor. Try sautéing the vegetables in butter, or adding various herbs and spices. Doing this will also help whenever the problem is the crunchy texture of the veggies.

Pick the Right Time to Bring Out The Sweets

When there’s an abundance of treats on the table, the kids are going to fill up on them. You want to have the savory foods set out first, and hide the sweets for later. This is one of the main components of making a kids party healthy. Also, try only making a small portion of treats for each child.

I’m not saying that your kids should never eat sweets, especially at parties. But, for the health conscious parents out there, there is hope for not breaking the dietary rules you’ve set in your home. And who knows, maybe the other parents will thank you for getting their child to try broccoli!

What are some ways you incorporate health into birthday parties? Let me know in the comments below!

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