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Home Maintenance Failures You Should Look Out For

 Springtime is coming. Do you remember last spring? Telling yourself “Alright, we’re gonna do a deep spring clean this year.” or maybe you decided it was time to change the decor? You might have thought to change up your garden or repaint your garage. Did you ever get to it though? I’m going to share some home maintenance failures you should really take a look at.

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A house lives and breathes. When things work smoothly, we feel comfortable and at peace. But when something doesn’t feel right, it can eat at you like an annoying pest. It could be a much-needed renovation or just poor maintenance that’s throwing off your vibe.

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We’re gonna take a look at some common things people meant to do to their homes last year, that they can redeem themselves for now.

Home Maintenance Failures You Should Look Out For - The Southern Smiths


First Home Maintenace Failure: Ignoring Winter Damage

The damage you suffer in winter needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. If your gutters froze over or you lost shingles in a storm, you’ve got to fix them before they become a more serious problem. In my area, spring and summer bring a lot of rain. If I don’t do a complete inspection I could have serious trouble in April.

Refusing to Fix Appliances

Some appliances can be crucial in the summer, like your air conditioner. You really don’t want to have a busted air conditioner when the temperatures start climbing. Trust me. Maintenance and repairs should be done ASAP. If  you’re in the greater St. Louis area, call Harster today to check your ac. If not, check out google to find someone local.

Half-Finishing Décor Changes

Whether is painting the garage, or rearranging furniture, there are different degrees of effort required. These are the most common home maintenance failures. You’ve got to remember to finish them as soon as possible, before you go over budget or run out of time. It’s never fun to see half-finished renovations or décor sitting around on the floor. Make sure you complete every project you start.

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Neglecting the Garden

Last but not least, your garden. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, you don’t want to forget to care for your lawn. Maintenance will be different depending on what you have to work with, but no one wants a terrible backyard when barbecue season (or in our area, crawfish season!) comes around.

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So there you have it, get your projects completed this year!

What projects did you leave uncompleted? Let me know in the comments below!

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