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Self-Care During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, it quickly goes from “How are you?” to “How’s the baby?” Everyone wants to know all about the changes within your belly. But what about you? You’ve still got to focus on self-care during pregnancy, now more than ever.

For a lot of women, pregnancy is a bumpy ride. Mood swings and body changes can have you feeling pretty bummed. No matter how much everyone focuses on the baby, you need to focus on you. Keep yourself happy, healthy, and calm, so that your baby will be the same.

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Self-Care During Pregnancy - The Southern Smiths

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Home Maintenance Failures You Should Look Out For

 Springtime is coming. Do you remember last spring? Telling yourself “Alright, we’re gonna do a deep spring clean this year.” or maybe you decided it was time to change the decor? You might have thought to change up your garden or repaint your garage. Did you ever get to it though? I’m going to share some home maintenance failures you should really take a look at.

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A house lives and breathes. When things work smoothly, we feel comfortable and at peace. But when something doesn’t feel right, it can eat at you like an annoying pest. It could be a much-needed renovation or just poor maintenance that’s throwing off your vibe.

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We’re gonna take a look at some common things people meant to do to their homes last year, that they can redeem themselves for now.

Home Maintenance Failures You Should Look Out For - The Southern Smiths

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