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Home Maintenance: Preparing for Spring!

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Spring is just around the corner, although you wouldn’t know it looking out of the window! There are many home maintenance tasks that are best completed in the spring. It is the ideal time to look for potential damage caused by winter storms, fallen leaves, and heavy snow. Tasks done now will prevent further deterioration in minor faults. The last thing you need is a major leak caused by a loose tile!

Grab a notebook and make a list of maintenance tasks that need doing. Then draw up a plan of action! Will you be able to complete the tasks yourself or will you need assistance?


Check roof for loose tiles

Winter weather can cause tiles to become loose and aerials to become unstable. It is important to check that chimneys have not suffered similar damage. Loose tiles will progress onto missing tiles if they are not repaired, so it is a good idea to get the problem sorted quickly. You have the potential for a major leak if ignored for too long.

Check condition of exterior paintwork.

Check for crumbling paintwork caused by adverse weather conditions. Flaky paint looks messy and makes the house look dilapidated and uncared for. Minor paintwork could be easily refreshed by yourself however large areas would be best painted by painting contractors who will have the correct knowledge and equipment.

Clean exterior windows

Cleaning your windows will allow the lovely spring sunshine to stream into your home. Clean window sills, door frames and doors at the same time and your home exterior will start to look fresher and sparkle in the sun.


Check boundaries

High winds during autumn and winter will have battered fencing and walls. Your boundaries keep your home secure, as well as highlight your garden areas. If you have young children you will want to allow them to play outside in the warmer spring weather without letting them start from your garden. Fence panels may need securing to posts, or they may need totally replacing. Walls may have started to crumble and erode, which will need repairing.

Clean gutters

Spring is the best time to clean out gutters as they are likely to have accumulated a lot of debris. Fallen leaves can quickly build up and block gutters. Gutters can also suffer from damage caused by high winds and the weight of snow, meaning that they may have become unattached or broken. Replace as necessary. It’s important to keep your guttering in tip-top condition as faulty gutters can cause damp and drainage issues.

Garden structures

Garages and sheds can become damaged during the winter months as can pergolas and summer houses. Check that the structures are sound and safe. An unstable structure can be dangerous. Winds have a habit of destroying felt roofs, so replace as necessary in order to keep buildings watertight.

Finally, tidy your garden and add a little spring color by planting pots filled with spring flowers. The outside of your house will now be ready for spring, now you can start on the inside!

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