Healthy Habits we can Teach Our Kids

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As parents, our number one priority in life is for our kids to grow up happy and healthy. And one of the most important things we can teach them is how to achieve this themselves, how they can grow up to make good food choices and live an active life and have fun in the process. When they’re little we’re responsible for making these kinds of decisions for them, but by teaching them the value of a healthy life we can pave a good path for the future. Here are some worthwhile habits to teach our kids.


Ways To Enjoy Healthy Food

As parents it can be frustrating when kids are picky with their food, we’re well aware that they need the right vitamins and minerals to grow and thrive but most kids go through a stage of refusing lots of foods. Don’t let this deter you or get you stressed, maintain a positive attitude to food and keep trying them with different things. Kids tastes change regularly and so something they dislike now they may well grow to like eventually. Find ways of making healthy food fun; get them involved with cooking, teach them about different ingredients and where their food comes from. Set a good example and make healthy choices. In time they’re likely to go on to mirror your behavior and so let them see you fill up on healthy meals. Make eating together as a family a habit, families that eat together tend to be closer and even have lower rates of teen pregnancies, drug taking, and crime. When your child feels close to you and like they can talk to you, they’re less likely to give into peer pressure.

Having Fun Exercising

Kids are naturally energetic, however in a sedentary world where everyone is glued to screens such as phones and computers- it’s easy for them to miss out on the exercise they need. Bored children in years gone by would play on their bikes, climb trees and run around whereas now with the internet at their fingertips they may be less inclined to do these things. Make activity fun, hire a bouncy castle or buy a trampoline. Go on family hikes and bike rides, have a water fight in the summer. Whatever you can do to get them up and moving around is a bonus.

Knowing When To Relax

It’s easy to assume that kids have it easy- they don’t need to worry about bills, relationships or pressures from work. However, being a child can be very stressful. Schoolwork and exams, meeting new people, peer pressure, it can all mount up and depression and anxiety have both been diagnosed in many children. Teach your kids the importance of relaxation time, some simple grounding or meditation techniques can help them when they’re feeling stressed. Teach them that exercise, a hot bath or getting lost in a good book are healthy coping mechanisms when they’re feeling a little on edge. It’s something that will benefit them both now and in the future.


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