5 Ways to Unwind After a Bad Day

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We all have those days where everything seems to go wrong. We wake up long after our alarm was supposed to go off; there was no milk for the coffee; the traffic to work was something that belongs in a post-apocalypse movie; and the day of work itself? Well, the less said about that, the better. But remember: it’s only one day. And while everything seemed to go against you, keep in mind that you can turn your day around once you’ve back home. Below, we look at five simple ways you can leave the day behind and unwind.


Leave Work


You may have left work, but have you reaallllly left work? Even though your body is now at home, your mind might still be turning over the events that made it one to forget. So: forget it already! There aren’t too many things in this world that you can control, but your mind is most definitely one of them. It’s a sad day indeed if you return to your loving family and all you can think about are those silly people in the office. They aren’t thinking about you; don’t think about them.


Switch into Comfortable Clothes


Formal clothing is a requirement for most jobs because it puts us in a particular mindset. And let’s be real here: how comfortable are you really going to be if you’ve still got a tie around your neck or your wearing high heels? Once you’re no longer duty bound to be dressed formally, switch into more comfortable clothes. There are few things that some silk pajamas, sheepskin slippers, and a dressing gown can’t cure. You’ll quickly find that your mind and body is much more at peace.


Go for a Walk


We know that your body might be tired from all the running around you’ve been doing at work, but this is “fake tired.” It’s work tired! Your body is still functioning. By going for a walk around the block, you’ll be stretching your body in all the right ways, and will be able to process all the thoughts that are flowing through your mind. If you have the energy, it’s even better to go for a run. It might take some extra effort to get up off the sofa, but you’ll be thankful for it once you return home refreshed.


Set the Mood


You’ve been sitting under the harsh office lights all day. Now that you’re home, take steps to create the kind of atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation. Dimmed lights, candles, maybe a few aromatic scents filling the air…they’ll all combine to put you into a deep state of relaxation. See? The world isn’t so chaotic after all.


Other Worlds


If you really must escape the day, then you can enter another world altogether: books, TV shows, movies…they all exist to transport your mind to a different reality. After an hour or so lost in a book, you’ll have forgotten all about the day you’re leaving behind.


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