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Self-Care For The New Year

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Each and every person out there has a different definition of what self-care is. It varies from person to person depending on how busy they are, how difficult their job is, how busy they areas parents. Self-care has many variations and you have to learn what works for you to de-stress and look after yourself so that you can be a healthier, happier person who is living a life that you can be proud of. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, self-care is difficult to achieve as an adult. You’re so busy running around looking after everyone else, that there’s just no time to look after yourself. Even that five-minute shower can feel like a marathon to be run when all you want to do is climb into bed and rest after a long day. Sometimes it’s about filling your own cup first, and while that may be a big deal to do when you are so used to looking after everyone else, it’s time to learn.

Self-care will be a personal thing for you, and the way you should look at it is that it’s doing something for yourself. It’s taking the time for that shower regardless of how exhausted and spent you are. It’s taking a moment to order from a vaping retailer and make an effort to give your health a chance instead of spending your cash smoking. It’s taking the time to eat a full, hot meal slowly and by yourself. Self-care is doing something for yourself and only yourself, and it’s not always easy to decide to do that! So, what could you be doing to care for you and only you?


Ask For Help

A big part of looking after yourself is asking for help where you need it. Therapy, for example, is an excellent way of caring just for you. You’re looking after your mental health and wellbeing and getting out any grievances you are having. It’s working on the problems that are causing you anguish and learning how you can overcome triggers. Asking for help may have been something that once dented your pride but when you need extra help, it’s stupid not to ask for it. Asking for the help doesn’t just get you there, either. You have to accept the help you are then offered in return for asking for it. Always show appreciation for the help that you get and learn to have the confidence to keep asking when you need it.


Believe it or not, one of the best ways to employ self-care is to sleep. Give yourself a break and get the rest that your body is crying out for. Running yourself into the ground is only going to make you sick and weak, and that is not something that anyone in your life wants for you. You shouldn’t want it for yourself, either. Book yourself into a hotel for the night if you have to, but spend eight hours asleep in a dark, quiet room and give your body the chance to recharge in a way that it never has before. Meditate right before you sink into bed for the night and you can learn to switch off your mind and enjoy a little peace.

Dress For You

Have you heard the phrase ‘dress for the body you have, not the body that you want’? Well, throw that rule out the window. If you want to rock a crop top, you go and find the prettiest crop top that you can. Has someone made you feel like your legs should never wear shorts? Well, go and buy the shorts. Don’t let society – or anyone, for that matter – dictate to you how you should dress and how you should carry yourself. You are a strong, beautiful person and you don’t need someone telling you that your body isn’t good enough just the way it is. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life, and dressing for yourself is a way to make your confidence soar.

Self-care isn’t something to be taken lightly, so if you have been brushing yours under the carpet then you need to rethink what it is that you want and go and get it. Taking time to look after yourself is the best way to be selfish, and you need to do it often enough that you don’t go crazy! Nurture yourself and appreciate yourself for who you are; it’s not going to come from elsewhere.

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