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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas (For Her)

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day. Everything about it. Even back in my single days, I still enjoyed the holiday and celebrated with friends.
Now that I’m married, I almost look forward to it more than Christmas! It means a guaranteed night or day (this year BOTH) without the kids!
So, are you out of creativity? Not sure what plans to make?
Here are 5 romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for the woman of your life!


This is what we’re doing this year! You can find a local high-end hotel, and go to their website. Ours has something called the “Sweetheart’s Package”, look for something similar! It comes with champagne, chocolates, rose petals, basically everything you need for a romantic night! Plus who doesn’t love hotel stays, even if it’s JUST a stay-cation!


Don’t think that picnics are outdated just yet. If the weather’s right, find a nice public park with a lotttt of land and go on a picnic! Plan everything. If you’re going to surprise her, make sure the picnic basket or backpack is out of view! Blindfolds help with getting set-up done and building excitement. Bonus points if you know her favorite finger foods!


This is such an old idea, but I still love it. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple I actually got a coupon book ordered from LoveBook! It was amazing, and the little custom stick figures really surprised him. There are PLENTY of options to choose from, or make it more special and go handwritten!


If you’re only able to have a couple of hours out of the house, try making reservations at a fancy restaurant she’s been wanting to try! Make sure to call ahead of time, don’t wait until the last minute and hope there’s a spot!

Cook for Her!

This especially works if she’s the cook of the home. Having a night to not worry about prep and cleanup is always amazing to me. There are some really amazing complete recipe ideas all over google too! Appetizer, entree, and dessert are the most important in my eyes.
I hope some of these help! I tried to think of ideas that might not be too expensive but are still meaningful.
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What are your favorite things to do on Valentine’s Day? What are your plans this year?

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