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The Benefits of Healthy Food Alternatives

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We aren’t always the best at putting healthy alternatives into our diet, are we? There’s so much temptation around is no matter where we go. Even with the best intentions, it is hard to stay focused on a healthy diet. Nearly all of the people who attempt it fall within the first week. But this is because getting into the routine of a healthy diet is like getting into a routine at the gym. You have to give it a few weeks before you can go the week without thinking anything of it. It will then become natural to you. So to try and show you why healthy alternatives are the way forward, we’ve listed some of the benefits for you, and a negative that binge eating and unhealthy foods can do to you.

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The Bad Foods

We might as well start with the bad foods first to try and highlight how good the good foods truly are for you. We are terrible at giving into bad foods. Frankly, it is because some of them are known to be addictive. Because of the way in which certain chemicals within chocolate, or crisps, or other such junk foods react in our brain, we get addicted to the feeling of happiness eating the junk food gives us. So actually breaking the cycle of eating them is harder than you might think. For a food to be addictive to us, you know it can’t be too good for you. There are times of the year where we eat a lot more than we should of, the holidays being the main one. We overindulge because we feel there is a reason to. But the short-term effects of this are weight gain, higher cholesterol, not enough energy, and crankiness. As good as junk food might make us feel, it does give you a little binge eat hangover which can make you a little more touchy than you realize. But there are plenty of holiday eating tips out there to help you try and reduce your calorie and fat intake at a time when it will usually be highest. If you carry on binge eating, the long-term effects are really bad. Weight gain and possible obesity is the main one. This can lead to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and long-term high cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

The Good

If you switch your diet up and cut out all the foods full of additives, high sugar and salt content, and fat, the first thing you’re going to notice is your energy levels will be increased. That sluggish feeling we seem to get on a daily basis will soon fade away. You’ll also notice your weight will drop. The benefits of this being less chance of developing the issues we mentioned in the above paragraph, and it can actually help to improve other functions within your body. Your cardiovascular system will improve when it isn’t clogged up with all the cholesterol from all the fatty foods, and your digestive system will also improve. It is so much easier for our digestive system to process the organic foods you will be eating, the processed ones often clog the system up, and most likely are the reason you have a bad belly a few times a week.

The Benefits of Healthy Food Alternatives - The Southern Smiths: Beat your habits!
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Ready for a Baby? Here are Some Things you Need to Know

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So, you and your partner are thinking of starting a family? That’s a big deal, and it’s something that couples both fear and look forward to at the same time. To put your mind at ease, you need to take the right steps now rather than later. It’s the only way to make sure that you don’t start creating problems for yourself. There are so many areas of your life that can be improved in order to set the ground for the family you’re about to start. Read on to learn more about those key changes.

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3 Health Tips For The New Year

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You have a pain in your neck and an irritating itch on your leg; the little things like this can often brush by us and we forget to take care of ourselves. When was the last time you went to the doctor and got all of the health checks you need? It’s understandable that life gets hectic, but your health should be a priority. More often than not we tend to neglect our health needs and they can worsen over time. Take a few minutes to consider the small things that are bothering you and see if these tricks and tweaks make you feel any better.

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Natural Nutrients

If you’re feeling groggy or tired you might not be nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs. Try creating a diary for a week and see how the food you are eating can affect your mood on a daily basis. Perhaps dairy makes your skin flare up or starchy carbohydrates give you a bloated belly. Once you pinpoint the foods that are making you feel dreary you can begin to cook dishes which agree with you and make you feel energized. Consider taking a multivitamin each day to provide your body with the different minerals it might need. Ensure you’re consuming calcium-rich foods to keep your teeth and bones strong too. An array of rainbow-colored foods on your plate will be sure to provide you with the nourishment you need to keep fighting fit.

Never Ignore Injuries

Exercise is an excellent way to keep yourself strong and it can have positive effects on your mental health too. Carry out daily physical activity to maintain good heart health, but make sure you’re feeling well enough to do so. If you’re suffering from a long-standing injury you might want to check with your doctor before starting a workout regime. Perhaps you’re suffering from ongoing pains after a car accident or feel you may be suffering from whiplash. Visit a professional such as Full Spectrum Chiropractic, who can help you recover from injuries such as this. As long as you tend to any minor pains as soon as you can, you can be sure your body is being looked after well. Only carry out exercise you feel capable of doing, if you’re pregnant you could take up specialist yoga classes to keep your body strong and supple. Never push through a pain or injury and take special care when starting up a new regime.

Brain-Power Practice

As well as your body, your brain needs stimulation to keep it busy. Consider doing a daily puzzle or downloading a mind game app on your phone. You can improve your cognitive skills and memory by carrying out daily brain exercises that will keep your mind feeling marvelous.

Take care of your body and listen to what it is telling you. Nourish yourself with fresh foods, enjoy a brisk walk in the park and always get your aches and pains seen to by a professional. You will soon be back in tip-top form and your whole family will be feeling fit forever.

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Styling Your Home For Future Selling

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You won’t keep your current home forever. Eventually, for whatever reason, you will choose to move on. Or, you will be forced to. Even if you live there your entire life and you could, when people retire, most move. They don’t stay in the large, and often expensive, homes where they raised their children. They look for somewhere fresh to hang their hat. Somewhere new where there’s a community similar to them. Or, you’ll move halfway through your life for a job opportunity that was far too good to resist. Yes, this is a distinct possibility, and this is why you shouldn’t necessarily think of what you want when you decorate your home but rather what a future buyer would want.

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The good news is that these two ideas often intersect. One crosses over with the other because you are a home buyer. You’re just like them, and you might find that your ideas for what makes a home great are similar to your future buyer. We all want to live somewhere that’s beautiful, stylish, practical, safe for kids and the list goes on.

Of course, there are other ideas that may not overlap with the wants of a future buyer. For instance, you might have a teenager. At a certain point, they may express interest in painting their room black. Should you allow them to do so? While you should let your kids be free creatively, you must be aware that no one wants a black room in a home. As well as being dark and depressing, it is also a devilish pain to paint over. Consider this before granting them their wish.

It’s also not just about what a future buyer wants or doesn’t want. It’s about convincing them that they want to buy your home. How do you do this? Well, that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Throughout this article, we’ll look at options of how to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing, more expensive, the features that buyers love and options for decorating in a way that is going to give you a unique edge over the competition. When you’re selling your house one day, the competition is going to be other homeowners. So, let’s start by looking at the question of how to make your home seem more expensive than it actually is.

Affordable Yet Exquisite

There are various design options that will allow you to make your home look far more expensive and one day boost the offers of people looking to buy. Of course, long before that day comes, you’ll be able to benefit by dazzling guests and taking great pride in your beautiful home. But what type of features have this impact?

Well, the best way to do this is to make sure that you hit them immediately with something gorgeous and stunning. The first piece of your home that someone is going to see will always be the front door, so this would be the first change to make. There’s no need to settle for the dull and typical door anymore as you can see on Instead, you can choose something completely different and a more interesting possibility. You might even consider a glass front door. While people may shy away from this due to the potential security issue, it is worth pointing out that there are ways to ensure that glass stays strong, even during an attempted break-in. So, you can have the best of both worlds here.

You might even want to look into getting a beautiful image on your door, designed onto the glass. Options like this are available from sellers online so do explore.

Once guests enter your home, they will most likely walk through a hallway. It is suggested that you choose to use laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is very popular right now due to the minimalistic aesthetic and the easy to afford price tag. You can get exactly what you need for your home to bring the property into the modern age.

Since we’re talking about keeping the future sale in mind, it is worth pointing out that interior design styles are constantly changing and evolving. As such, it is in your best interest to explore the trends before you make any changes to your home. You don’t want to take two steps backward, styling your home in a way that you may love and modern buyers won’t.

As well as looking towards the option of laminate flooring, it’s also worth making sure that you do keep the overall design of the hallway minimalistic. Another popular concept currently trending in the interior design world is to keep things simple with your home design. Make sure that you aren’t overcrowding the space with furniture and accessories. There are two benefits to gain here. The first is that the home will actually look far more spacious. The second, arguably more important, is that it looks clean, clear and sophisticated. To accentuate this idea the hallways of your home should remain cream.

If you want to dress them up a little more, consider the option of wall decals or even some modern art. It’s a great way to give the area some life without it looking too intrusive.

A Little More Expensive

Of course, you can also explore design ideas that while expensive will lead to remarkable results one day and improve the price that people are willing to pay for your home a great deal. You’ll also love the way these options add more to your home.

You see laminate flooring is a great idea for an affordable flooring option, but one would be remiss if they didn’t consider the alternative of using the material laminate wood is used to emulate. Instead, you should opt for true hardwood or even something like marble/granite. And, if you are going to invest in flooring like this you should certainly consider the option of getting countertops to match. Only at will you find the most magnificent examples of the type of materials we’re talking about here. Just imagine walking into a kitchen with beautiful granite countertops.

If you’re going to do this, you shouldn’t stop there. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home for that potential future sale. You need to make sure that every aspect of it is absolutely stunning. Getting new light fixtures will ensure that the light bounces off your fresh countertops at just the right angle, perfectly accentuating the best features of the room. If you can write a blank check for the budget of your interior makeover, we would also suggest adding a breakfast island. This can be the centerpiece of the room, and while it will cost you a few thousand, it will look magnificent.

There are other options too that aren’t based on a change in aesthetic at all. Rather, you can choose to invest in new voice activation technology. We know what you’re thinking here. Are you talking about Alexa? says Alexa has serious issues and actually, there are far more superior systems on the market today that can be completely and seamlessly integrated with the home. We’re talking about the ability to craft each room to match the personal preference of the individual inside it. Celebrities and the rich have had tech like this in their home for years. Recently, it has become more affordable and trickled onto the mass market.

Unique Features

If you are working with a budget that is somewhat unlimited, you can think about adding some more expensive and unique features to your home like for instance a water feature. This is going to do wonders for the curb appeal of your property, and it has the potential to make your neighbors completely green with envy to the point where they might wish they could buy your home themselves.

Water features do require maintenance so be aware of this before you invest. But, if you don’t mind the cost of cleaning them out regularly, they will be a visual work of art. If you are adding one, make sure it’s in a spot where everyone can see it in the front yard of your home.

You can also think about adding a unique feature inside your property. In this case, we’re thinking about the possibility of something that you and the future buyer will love like a sauna.

Sauna systems are more affordable than you would think and can be the perfect way to relax. This is just one of the impressive features you can add to the bathroom of your home. Another possibility would be a king size shower. Imagine how awesome it would be to wake up in the morning and be able to walk into a shower with multiple nozzles, big enough to walk around in a while being sprayed with what feels like a waterfall.

This is a modern idea that will be very popular with future buyers as baths become more unfashionable in our rapid pace world.

We hope you take our advice and use some of these ideas to make the changes to your home that a future buyer will love one day and you’ll love right now.

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How to Keep Weeds Off Your Lawn

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When it comes to family life, nothing beats a garden your kids can play in. Families in apartments and even in some homes would do anything for an outside space. And, those of us who have this benefit should remember how lucky we are. Every kid deserves the opportunity to play outside when they want to. Time spent outside is good for exercise, education, and a myriad of other things.

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But, if you don’t take proper care of your outside space, you’ll soon find that you can’t leave your kids to play there. The area will become overcome and riddled with weeds which you don’t want kids getting hold of. This is especially the case for those with toddlers. You don’t need us to tell you that your little one will put things in their mouth the moment they get hold of them. Certain garden weeds are toxic and could do real damage if ingested.

With that in mind, it’s essential to keep on top of the weed situation in your backyard. There is, of course, one small issue. Use of toxic weed agents can do just as much, if not more damage if your little one gets hold of them. So, you can hardly spray the garden in the same way you would have before. Instead, you need to turn to natural ways to whack weeds into shape. Luckily, we’re going to look at a few of the methods you might want to fall back on.

It’s getting hot out here

In truth, there’s no need to turn to toxic methods when you have a kettle and some water to put in it. Boiling water is a fantastic way of stopping weed growth in its tracks as it kills plant growth on contact. In no time, you’ll be able to rid yourself of those pesky weeds. All it takes is pouring water straight from the kettle onto the problem areas. This is especially useful for annual weeds at certain times of the year. It can be helpful in getting rid of perennial weeds as well. Even better, you should start to see results as little as an hour after use. The hot water will kill the plants if poured on the leaves and stem, and cause them to wilt. Then, you can pull them up easily.

Bear in mind, though, that this method is best left for weeds in pavements and oily areas of your garden. Boiling water will also kill your grass. So, pouring from the kettle straight onto those pesky lawn weeds would be a costly mistake for sure. Mud garden, anyone?

You’ve got the power

If hot water doesn’t heat up your weed battle, you could always attempt to overpower the weeds in question. This works exceptionally well on lawns, using a method called aeration. This service is offered by companies like Atkins and involves punching holes into the soil on your lawn. These holes then provide space and nutrients for your grass to grow strong and healthy. These, in turn, will help your lawn fight weeds. If you enjoy the results, it’s also possible to buy aeration tools of your own and keep the practice going. The method is especially useful in fall and spring. These are the times in which your lawn could do with a little helping hand for the coming season.

Equally, simple lawn care tips, such as watering your grass and mowing, can help tackle weed worries. The healthier your grass, the more chance it has of beating weeds to all that nutritional lawn-packed goodness.

Weeds which can’t breathe

Smothering weeds also seems to be a favorite non-toxic option. You don’t need us to tell you that any plant needs water and light to survive. Without these conditions, it doesn’t stand a chance. The weeds will wither, much like your houseplants do when you don’t put them near enough to the window. Only, in this instance, that result would most definitely be desirable.

Again, you need to bear in mind that this isn’t a practical option for lawn weeds. You would only manage to smother your grass as well. But, for plants on the periphery or sprouting from bare soil, this could be the ideal solution. You can even make this work in your flower beds by making holes in the paper for your flowers. Then, all it takes to achieve the desired effect is some wet newspaper, and mulch to spread on top of it.

The long haul

And, of course, you could always remove those weeds by hand. Sometimes, you can’t beat getting down on your hands and knees and tackling the issue this way. It’s undoubtedly one of the most reliable means of addressing the problem. If you get to the root of the issue (pun intended), then you shouldn’t have to worry about those weeds again for some time. Tools such as weeders can make this task easier to tackle, as can softening the ground before you begin. Make sure you aren’t leaving anything behind which could lead to regrowth, too.

Aside from keeping your lawn healthy, this is one of the only ways to tackle lawn weeds. And, after you’ve done this one, you’ll find that it isn’t quite the task you’re expecting. Weeds may spread fast, but you can act more swiftly by checking your lawn each morning. That way, you can pull weeds as soon as they appear, and save yourself being out there tugging roots for hours on end.

A final word

In truth, few of these are long-term fixes for weed growth. But, the same can be said for toxic weed killer alternatives. Even so, returning to these methods whenever you spot an infestation can ensure your kids are safe to play whenever the mood takes them. Even better, you won’t have to wait until the area is safe to let them out again. With a method like the boiling water technique, they can head back out in a matter of hours.


An Essential Guide to Early Menopause

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It’s unlikely you expected to read about menopause today. We know the readers of our blog are between the ages of 19 and 35, so its unlikely menopause is on your mind. After all, that’s something that you know will happen… but not for a very long time indeed.

Most of us associate menopause with women over the age of 50, which is a fair assumption. The average age women go through the menopause is 51 in the US, so it seems like an issue that you won’t have to deal with for a long time to come.

Unfortunately, for some women, that isn’t the case. Menopause can literally happen at any time– and it’s something you need to be on the lookout for. Below, we’ll examine the most common questions surrounding early (sometimes called “premature”) menopause, as well as the answers you need to know.

What is early menopause?

Early menopause is generally defined as menopause occurring when the woman is under the age of 40. Some countries lower this age to 35, but the US generally considers menopause before the age of 40 as being “early”.

How common is early menopause?

Statistics show only 1% of women will go through early menopause, which sounds encouraging until you remember 1% of women in the US equals around three million women. So early menopause isn’t likely, but it’s also not a particular rarity.

What are the symptoms of early menopause?

The symptoms of early menopause are identical to the symptoms of menopause at an older age. These symptoms include:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Emotional changes (irritability or even depression)
  • Dry skin, eyes, or mouth
  • Sleeplessness
  • Irregular or missed periods

Is early menopause a problem?

Given that menopause is inevitable, the idea of encountering it sooner rather than later might not sound that concerning. If you have had your children and consider your family complete, then menopause isn’t that daunting a prospect. You will likely need some form of supplements such as those provided by The Healthy Choice to keep you feeling your best, but menopause shouldn’t have any lasting consequences.

However, if you go through early menopause before you have had the number of children you want, then this can be problematic. If you notice any of the menopausal signs developing, it’s vital not to dismiss them. Many women dismiss clearly menopausal symptoms (such as hot flashes)  as they assume they’re too young to be experiencing menopause– you now know that that’s not the case. Talk to a doctor if you experience any menopausal symptoms, no matter what your age. While the process can’t be stopped, you should have fertility options to ensure you don’t miss your chance of motherhood.

Can early menopause be predicted?

No, though there are a few indicators. Studies have shown that women who start menstruation early are more likely to experience earlier menopause, but not necessarily early menopause.

This means vigilance, and rapid response to symptoms is the best method of dealing with the issue.

In conclusion

Hopefully, the above has provided some useful information about a little-known health condition that can have wide-ranging consequences.


How Our Senses Change As We Age, and What To Do About It

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It is a fact of life that we are all getting older. It sounds depressing, but it is inevitable, we all hope to live to a fine old age with all of our faculties still intact. The good news is that with modern technology developing so quickly, advancements in keeping the aging process at bay is almost tangible.

When people think of getting older, thoughts usually veer towards the way we look. We spend thousands on procedures to keep wrinkles at bay, eliminate grey hairs and create a youthful body shape. Not much thought is given to how the aging process affects our five senses – taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Without our five senses, our life would not be as enjoyable. So how does aging affect our senses and is there any way of maintaining them?


Did you know that hearing loss increases with age and can begin when we are in our 40’s and 50’s? Some people don’t experience any hearing impairment at all, that has any impact on their daily life, but if you find that you are asking people to repeat things, it may be time to visit your medical practitioner. Although most hearing loss is irreversible, there are many hearing aid styles available that are discreet and will offer an enhanced level of hearing.


Our eyesight deteriorates with age and often people who had 20:20 vision in their younger years may find that they need reading glasses as they age. Thankfully the wearing of glasses has become more of a fashion statement rather than a hindrance to our looks. There are so many trendy styles to choose from, finding out that you need glasses can actually be an enjoyable experience! There’s also the option of wearing contact lenses or laser treatment too.


As we age the number of taste buds we have lessen and shrink, which affects our enjoyment of food. This occurs gradually over time and you may not even notice it. If you find that your enjoyment of food is affected, become more creative in the use of herbs and spices, to add a little pizazz!


Your sense of smell works closely with your sense of taste and they affect each other is impaired. To enjoy food you need to be able to smell it, as well as taste it. Your medical practitioner will be able to give advice, it may be that you have a sinus infection affecting your sense of smell. Ear, nose, and throat specialists are experts in this field.


To help prevent your sense of touch deteriorating it is important to keep active. Exercise increases blood flow to your fingertips and feet, which in turn keeps your nerve endings healthy. Unless you suffer from nerve damaging conditions such as diabetes your sense of touch will only deteriorate very gradually.

To conclude it’s just as important to be aware of how aging affects our senses as to how it affects our looks. Be aware of changes and try to lessen the speed of deterioration.

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Are You Keeping Your Home Safe?

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Home safety is a concern for us all, and you might feel this particularly if you have a family in your home with you. It can be easy to overlook some of the more important aspects of keeping a home safe, and that can often mean that you end up not quite providing your family with the safe home that you would like for them to have.

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Part of the problem is that it is hard to think of everything you need to do, and everyone is guilty of overlooking one or two things sometimes. However, as long as you pay attention to some essentials, you should find that you and your family are kept pretty safe on the whole. Let’s take a look at some of those things now, by way of illustration.

Electrical Dangers

Some dangers in the home are even more worrying than others, and electrical dangers are the perfect example. These kinds of issues can cause a lot of harm to your family or yourself, so they are always going to be a top priority when it comes to trying to remain safe in the home. There are a number of concerns to think about here in order to try and keep your family safe from electrical problems. For a start, always make sure that you dispose carefully and replace any appliance which is causing a burning smell, is hot to the touch or anything else untoward. You should also call out the likes of Elcon Electric to ensure that your service panel is not at risk of causing a fire. Keep on top of the electrics in your home, and your family will be much safer.


Most people would never think that they would be the target of a break-in, but the obvious truth is that such occurrences can happen to anybody. You need to make sure that your home is as well protected against such intruders as possible, and most of all that means having a good safety regime when it comes to the nighttime. Lock all windows and doors securely, and make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of leaving your key outside the front door, as many people do. Do this, and you should find that you are relatively safe – you could even also install an alarm system if you like, for added security.


One of the quickest ways to cause damage to your home is to allow a fire to break out. This can happen in a number of ways, and it is your duty to ensure that you are aware of all of them and to do whatever you can to make it much less likely to happen. As long as you pay attention to the basics of fire safety, there is no reason your home should suffer such a problem – so make sure that you do just that. You and your family will be glad that you did.

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Checklist for Building a New House

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Making the decision to build a house isn’t one that you make overnight. You might wake up with the idea, but there are so many things to consider before you actually go ahead with your plans. Homes come in all shapes and sizes and can be created in fantastic and amazing ways. We have all seen the brilliant ideas of mini-homes as well as the quirky creations dotted about the world.

There are ways of building a home that is completely movable, like a pod house or school bus transformation, or you might be looking to creating a more permanent structure. You might find that building around an existing building is better for you, or you might be happy to face the from scratch challenge head-on.


First of all, you need to find somewhere to build your house. When you head out to look for land, it’s important to consider its composition. You don’t want your foundations to be built on marshland, land prone to flooding or lying on a fault line. Seek advice if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. You also need to get permission to build on that land before you even get planning permission to build a house, and there might also be other things to consider depending on your local government.


Now that you have a location for your new home, it’s time to plan exactly what it’s going to look like. The best route to take is to get advice from an architect; they can draw up the blueprints and leave it at that, or manage the whole project – or any level in between. They are the experts in this field so trust them. There are many jobs needed to build a house which you can self-teach if want a more hands-on approach, but in areas like electrics and plumbing as these areas can cost you thousands if done wrong you might want to get help from professionals.


How are you funding this build? Most people who go down this route have been saving for years, and even then might still need some financial help from a loan – like ones you can find at Regardless of where the money is coming from make sure that you set a strict budget, but give yourself a little bit of wiggle room as things like weather interruptions, accidents and delays can very easily get in the way. Human error and mother nature can easily sap up your spare money, so having a decent sized cushion is a must. As you’re building think about ways you can save money; using reclaimed wood and bricks for example.

Needs vs Wants

You may want a swimming pool and sauna, but do you need it? Is it an improvement you can make in a few years or do you need it now. If it fits into your plan and budget, then go for it! But there will be times when you have to compromise and decide between something you need and something you want.


Nourish and Flourish: Having a Happy and Healthy Heart

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Your heart can feel every emotion, from elation to exhaustion. Keeping your heart healthy can not only help your entire body to function more effectively, but it can also have a positive effect on your overall mood and mindset. Feeling good from the inside is the key to living a fulfilled life so why not start at the core of your body? Let’s keep your heart happy and healthy in order for you to flourish in everything you do.

Take The Little Things Seriously

If you have been struggling with a cough or a frog in your throat for a prolonged period of time it might be an idea to visit a heart doctor. Any aches or pains should be taken seriously so make sure you do the right thing and seek out advice from an expert. They will be able to advise you and diagnose any serious problems in the blink of an eye, so try not to put it off for too long. You will feel relieved after the check-up and you will be able to carry on living your life with a clear mind.

Relieve and Breathe

Daily breathing exercising and meditation can be beneficial for your little ticker. Take a few minutes every morning before you start your day to control your breathing and clear your body of any built-up stress. Practise some simple yoga poses and take control of your breathing. Try to become aware of every breath you are taking and make each one count as you are both exercising and relaxing.

From Your Mouth To Your Heart

Consider every product that you put in your mouth and think about the impacts it could be having on your heart. Firstly let’s talk about smoking. If you are a smoker, you need to take action and try quitting as soon as possible. Not only are you causing unnecessary strain on your heart, but you’re setting yourself up for some serious health problems. Cardiovascular disease is the main consequence of smoking and you don’t want to be increasing your chances. Try and seek out help and get yourself back on track, you will be doing your whole body a huge favor.

How many sugar and salt-laden foods are you putting in your mouth every day? You might not even realize that there are hidden salts and sugars in the processed products you are consuming daily. Pasta sauces, white bread, and even salad dressings can hold a whole host of deadly additives. Try making your food from scratch instead of grabbing your favorite brand off the shelves. You will be cutting down on several teaspoons of the white stuff each day without even noticing. Your heart will certainly be noticing though and your waistline will thank you!

Take your body on the health journey it deserves and keep your heart resilient and disease-free. Nourish yourself from the inside out and watch yourself become fitter and stronger as you take each step towards a healthier and happier heart.