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A Few Reasons Why I Love My Husband

It’s such an amazing day! Today my husband (Kody) turns 26! So, in due fashion, I’ll be bragging about him a little today!

This is the fourth birthday of his we’ve spent together, third as a married couple. I’m pretty sure I can’t beat last year’s birthday (I literally had a surprise party with dollar store decorations, including pin the tail on the donkey. It was AMAZING.)


Kody is absolutely amazing to me. He’s an Army veteran, so you all know the attitude I have to deal with! He’s an amazing husband, devoted father, and kick-ass dancer (if I do say so myself). He works hard, long hours every week to provide for us, and allow me to be here with you guys! He’s always out the door before the kids wake up, and some days he isn’t home until after they go to bed. Still, he never complains about his job or helping around the house.

The Father

On the days he makes it in time, he lays the kids down and reads a bedtime story. Sometimes this includes walking in the door and straight to their rooms. If he’s home earlier, then from the time he gets home ’til bedtime it’s all play.

They go outside on their power wheels, or he might pull out the drone and fly it around the yard. They have tickle fights or play the annoyingly loud games my four-year-old HAD to have for Christmas (Do you know Soggy Doggy and Squawk the Chicken? Be thankful if you don’t.)

Sometimes they even get on the video games together and play some of the simpler, more PG games we have. He’s amazing with them.

The Husband

Every morning, when his alarms go off, I begin the process of waking him up. Sometimes this includes coffee and breakfast, other times it includes a few elbows to the ribs. About 15-30mins later, he actually gets up (yay snooze alarms?)

He’ll quickly go through his morning routine and ALWAYS kisses me goodbye before he’s out the door. As he leaves, I hear him check on the kids, rinse his dishes that he uses, fill his thermos, and go.

Every day around 8-9am, I get a good morning text. We chat for a few minutes via text before his first job begins and then go about our days. If he has a slow day, he’s sure to call during drives or text to let me know how it’s going. He checks on the kids often and asks about events on the calendar as they come up. Even though he’s gone, it never feels like it for long.

Around 6 pm I usually get a call that lets me know if he’ll be home at a decent time, or if he’ll be working late. Then we discuss dinner if I need to change plans, and semi-plan the night depending on how late he’ll be.

He comes home and has no problem helping me finish dinner, or pick up around the house. He always takes the trash out for me and finishes any dishes I may not have gotten to. He even helps with laundry!

He’s ridiculously sweet and does everything I could ask, and more. He checks on my emotional state, asks if the kids stressed me out, asks how my day was, vents about his day, and more without me having to ask.

The best part? We actually cuddle. All night long. If one person rolls over, the other person rolls with. Three years of this so far! Our parents HATE it when we share hotel rooms for some reason. Apparently “real couples don’t sleep like that”.

The Man

Kody is an avid gamer. His current favorites are Battlefield 1 and Ghost Recon. We play the campaign of Call of Duty III together, but that’s more my thing.

Anyone who’s anyone knows that he’s obsessed with Star Wars. A couple of birthdays have surrounded movie releases, we watch the movies as a family the week of Thanksgiving every year, and our son was born on May 4th. What more could he ask for?

He’s super into anime and all things sci-fi, to the point that we disagree on movie night because EVERY movie cannot be a sci-fi movie. I need some action in there too guys.

He loves to do maintenance work on vehicles and around the house. My husband is smart guys. He can find a problem, Google and watch youtube videos, and then fix ANYTHING. I have a 55in Vizio Smart TV because someone threw it out, Kody googled some stuff, bought a soldering iron and fixed the circuit board. What?? That’s insane, right? He also set a toilet that a plumber of 40yrs experience couldn’t seem to get in place. Fixed an x-box that was broken open, changes CV-axles in his car, anything.

All in all, he’s an amazing man (if I haven’t said that enough) I’m elated to be his wife, the one he chooses over and over again to spend the rest of his life with. I can’t wait to see how we grow together, and what amazing things we teach our three kids.

Kody, I love you. Happy birthday, Soulpancake.


How is your relationship? Give me some details about your significant other below!


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