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Reading Nook for Mom

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Mom’s are the busiest people in the world. Even busier than Kings and Queens – no, really. Mom’s are running around after their children 24/7 and when you throw in a husband and a house to run, there’s very little time to sit down and just reflect. Mommy Bear had cold porridge for a reason: she put Daddy Bear and Baby Bear first. The thing is when you put yourself last all the time that starts to show. You end up forgetting how to employ self-care in the quest for the perfect family life and the most impeccably tidy house.

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A good book before bed is possibly one of life’s biggest pleasures for a Mom who is pulled ten ways from Sunday every day. A book gives her time to get out of the family chaos for a while and into another world. It’s a way to escape, relax and yet not even move from her own home. The problem? Nowhere comfortable to sit and read. Your children get the run of the lounge, with loud cartoons on the television and Lego on the floor to step on. Your husband gets the run of the garage, where he and his friends have an old sofa and Foosball table. What about you? Well, you need a reading nook, and I’m going to tell you exactly how you can perfect one.


The Right Chair.

The single most important thing you need to be able to read? A comfortable chair. You could choose a rocking chair, a squashy old armchair or even a huge cuddle chair where you can curl up with a blanket and have plenty of space to put your feet up. The comfort you need will vary from person to person, but ultimately it should be somewhere that you can sit and read without pins and needles forming.

The Right Light.

Reading is a big strain on your eyes, so having a dimmed room isn’t going to be good for you even if it does create a good mood. The right lighting fixtures above where you are sitting or even a huge bay window that lets in tons of natural light is exactly what you need. A lamp that can angle directly onto the pages of your book is the ideal thing to avoid eye strain or headaches – there’s nothing enjoyable about those!

The Right Extras.

Getting comfortable with a book is so much more than the chair and the light – you need some extras to pamper yourself with. Keeping a basket next to you with your books to choose from, a cozy blanket and a supportive cushion for your lap as well as a small table for your drink and snack can make a reading nook perfect.

Mom’s, you spend a lot of time running around after other people. Take a pause, take a breath and make a space just for you to get comfortable in. Remind yourself that you were a person with hobbies before you had a family. It’s okay to take a break.

Reading Nook for Mom - The Southern Smiths: How to make it perfect!

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