How Our Senses Change As We Age, and What To Do About It

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It is a fact of life that we are all getting older. It sounds depressing, but it is inevitable, we all hope to live to a fine old age with all of our faculties still intact. The good news is that with modern technology developing so quickly, advancements in keeping the aging process at bay is almost tangible.

When people think of getting older, thoughts usually veer towards the way we look. We spend thousands on procedures to keep wrinkles at bay, eliminate grey hairs and create a youthful body shape. Not much thought is given to how the aging process affects our five senses – taste, sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Without our five senses, our life would not be as enjoyable. So how does aging affect our senses and is there any way of maintaining them?


Did you know that hearing loss increases with age and can begin when we are in our 40’s and 50’s? Some people don’t experience any hearing impairment at all, that has any impact on their daily life, but if you find that you are asking people to repeat things, it may be time to visit your medical practitioner. Although most hearing loss is irreversible, there are many hearing aid styles available that are discreet and will offer an enhanced level of hearing.


Our eyesight deteriorates with age and often people who had 20:20 vision in their younger years may find that they need reading glasses as they age. Thankfully the wearing of glasses has become more of a fashion statement rather than a hindrance to our looks. There are so many trendy styles to choose from, finding out that you need glasses can actually be an enjoyable experience! There’s also the option of wearing contact lenses or laser treatment too.


As we age the number of taste buds we have lessen and shrink, which affects our enjoyment of food. This occurs gradually over time and you may not even notice it. If you find that your enjoyment of food is affected, become more creative in the use of herbs and spices, to add a little pizazz!


Your sense of smell works closely with your sense of taste and they affect each other is impaired. To enjoy food you need to be able to smell it, as well as taste it. Your medical practitioner will be able to give advice, it may be that you have a sinus infection affecting your sense of smell. Ear, nose, and throat specialists are experts in this field.


To help prevent your sense of touch deteriorating it is important to keep active. Exercise increases blood flow to your fingertips and feet, which in turn keeps your nerve endings healthy. Unless you suffer from nerve damaging conditions such as diabetes your sense of touch will only deteriorate very gradually.

To conclude it’s just as important to be aware of how aging affects our senses as to how it affects our looks. Be aware of changes and try to lessen the speed of deterioration.

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