Say Goodbye to Your Floordrobe

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Even if you’re unfamiliar with the term “floordrobe”, chances are that you’ve encountered one in your very home at some point or another. A floordrobe is a hybrid of a floor and a wardrobe. It’s what happens when you don’t bother hanging or folding your clothes and placing them in their proper place. Sure, it may be tempting to fling your clothes on the floor after a long day or a night out. But there’s no excuse for leaving the items there for an extended period of time.

After all, it doesn’t take all that much effort to store your clothes properly. What’s more? You’ll actually save yourself time when it comes to washing clothes again or ironing. If you store things properly in the first place, these extra chores won’t be necessary! So, to help you along the way, here are a few different clothing storage options that will ensure everything you own has its own designated spot.


General Clothing

For general items of clothing, it’s best that you have your own individual system of organization in place. This way, you will always know where everything is when you need it. Avoid hanging everything in your wardrobe with neither reason nor rhyme. Choose a theme and stick with it! Perhaps you’d like to ensure everything is color coordinated, hanging items in groups of similar colors. Perhaps you’d prefer similar items to be located together, for example, a section of tees, a section of trousers, a section of skirts, and a section of dresses. Whatever your code, stick with it!

Shoe Storage

Shoes tend to take up a lot more space than any other item of clothing. Why? Well, their shape can’t generally be altered. They can’t be folded and are generally bulky. So where should you keep them? Well, luckily there are various storage solutions out there. If you have a divan bed with under bed storage, why not keep them there? If you have space under your bed, you could opt for roll-out racks with wheels for easy access. Alternatively, there are shoe racks for sale which can be hung in your wardrobe alongside your general items of clothing or on the inside of your wardrobe or cupboard doors.

Casual Clothing

You don’t have to worry about hanging up casual clothing, such as pajamas or loungewear. Why? Well, it doesn’t matter all too much if there are small creases in the fabric. Instead, you can save significant amounts of space by folding these types of clothing and storing them in drawers. Try to find a set that has a few different drawers with available space. This will help you to organize thing. As an example, you could have one drawer for underwear, one drawer for socks and tights, and another for pajamas. If you have space, you could also use an extra drawer for gym wear!

Having these different types of storage available at all times will make organizing your clothing much more simple. So, it’s time to say goodbye to your floordrobe!

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