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6 Pieces of Furniture to Replace When Moving Into a New Home

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Moving to a new home is an exciting time, but it can be difficult adapting to the changes. Perhaps you’re not used to the size of the kitchen, maybe you forget where you stored things in your new cupboards or the angle of your TV feels off. Whatever the case, moving into a new home is a cause for celebration!

To make the transition easier, it’s actually a good idea to get rid of older pieces of furniture in favor of newer ones. If you feel like there are some bad memories associated with your old mattress, or if you feel like your furniture could use a complete overhaul, then here are some suggestions on what you could replace when moving into a new home.


Your Mattress

If you’ve always wanted to replace your mattress with something sturdy, such as the offerings at Sterling Sleep, then moving homes is the perfect reason to do it. We find it hard to get rid of old mattresses because it seems like an unnecessary purchase, but they’re heavy and take up so much space in the moving van that it’s better to leave it behind and get something new as a replacement.

Your Bed Frame

Similarly, your bed frame is another large piece of furniture that doesn’t need to be moved. In fact, moving the same old bed frame into your new home could make it feel less magical, so look at replacing this if possible.

Your Dining Table

Your new kitchen or dining room is going to have different dimensions and a different shape. As a result, your old dining table probably isn’t a good size or decor fit, which is why it’s best to get a new dining table. Consider getting something that suits your new dining room as best as possible. For example, if it’s smaller than you could get a folding dining table, or if it’s larger then you could even invest in a bar to go with your dining table.

Your Sofas

Sofas can get surprisingly worn out over time, and because you’re so used to sitting on them you rarely notice that their shape eventually changes. If you’ve ever been to a furniture store and sat on a new sofa then you’ll know exactly what it’s like! Get yourself a new sofa that fits the decor and feel of your new home and you’ll be much better off.

Your Display Cabinets

Display cabinets can get dusty and hard to maintain, so unless you have a sentimental attachment to your display cabinets you may want something fresh and new to match your sparkling new home.

Your Lighting Fixtures

Your lighting fixtures are probably old, haven’t been dusted for a while and will give off the same eerie lighting glow that you currently have. For something completely fresh and new, consider getting a new set of lighting fixtures if your new home doesn’t already come with them pre-installed.

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