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How to Organize Your Fridge

It’s so easy for our refrigerators to get messy! I’m pretty sure at some point, we stop paying attention. Until one day, we open it.. and get that dreaded smell that can only be described as ‘rot’.

It’s the leftovers! From.. a Tuesday many, many moons ago. Better throw them out. How does this keep happening??

Here are a few tips on organization to help make sure your food rotates when it’s supposed to!

The most important part of fridge storage is making sure your raw meat and eggs are as low as you can get them. This helps to avoid cross-contamination when one of those packages inevitably gets torn or leaks. Or an egg cracks and the yolk goes EVERYWHERE. (Is dried yolk not the hardest thing to get off of glass shelves??)

There is some leeway for that if your crisper drawers are underneath the lowest shelf. In this case, that bottom shelf should have a raised lip around the edges to protect spills.

I try to put as many of my drinks and condiments in the door shelves as possible. This keeps me from constantly knocking over bottles when reaching for things.

My middle shelf normally holds the milk and other gallon-sized drinks, and then to the left I have my dairy products (cheese, butters, creams, etc).

And finally, the top shelf. THIS is where those leftovers go! Keep them in sight, right at the front. You’ll see them when browsing for something to eat. Bonus points if you invest in clear Tupperware so that you actually remember what’s in them

The freezer isn’t as important. I store my frozen meats by animal and put most premade foods in the door.

What’s your number one fridge organization tip?

How to Organize Your Fridge - The Southern Smiths: A sanitary way of organizing the food in your fridge. No more rotten leftovers!

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