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6 Things Every Kid Should Do Before They Grow Up

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Sadly Peter Pan was nothing but a story. The idea of being forever youthful sounds idyllic at first glance with your days spent playing with your pals, building forts and baking cakes, but take a deeper look and you have the teenage angst, peer pressure and school work to contend with.

As a responsible parent, you want to ensure that your little darlings have the most enjoyable childhood that they possibly can. You want to fill their days with joy, create happy memories and prevent them from spending every waking moment in front of a video game or on social media. While your kids still have no wish to head onto Facebook and would prefer to be outside frolicking in a field rather than indoors in front of the tv, it’s up to you to harness this innocent enthusiasm.

However odd it may sound, children of a certain age love spending time with their parents. Before they hit their teenage years, kids enjoy being with their family, relish going off on adventures with their mum, dad and siblings and love sharing new experiences. Take a look at the ultimate bucket list for kids and see how many things you can do with your children before they start to grow up.


Head To A Beach

Every adult has memories of childhood summers spent on the beach with their families. It’s up to you to make these memories simply idyllic. You want your child to reminisce about skipping stones across the sea, collecting seashells and rock pooling. Encourage them to head out into the shallowest waters, hunting for crabs and shrimp. See if your little cherubs can build sandcastles, dig a moat and bury either you or your husband up to your neck in wet sand. On hot, balmy days when on vacation, there can be nothing better than whiling away the hours on the beach as a family with an ice cream or two. Sand in between your toes never sounded so good.

Visit An Aquarium

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to book a day out scuba diving and head down into the deep of the oceans for a family day out to swim with the sharks, the stingrays and the legions of tropical fish. What you can do is venture to a SeaQuest Aquarium to take in the majestic beauty of the seas, without strapping on a wet-suit. Every good aquarium has thousands of species of aquatic creatures to marvel at. Your kids might witness feeding time for the penguins, observe leather-back turtles somersaulting through the water and see jellyfish lighting up the darkest depths. You never know, you may even discover the whereabouts of Nemo and Dory. A visit to an aquarium is awe-inspiring and educational and warrants a place on the ultimate bucket list.

Ride A Bike

Although this may seem the simplest of objectives to put on the bucket list, it’s a vital one. Learning to ride a bike can be the easiest of tasks for some children, but for others, it can seem like a mammoth undertaking. The joy of removing the stabilizers from your offspring’s bike is a momentous moment for both you and your child. The sense of freedom they feel when launching themselves off on two wheels for the first time is huge. They no longer need the support of an adult and can transport themselves to the park, the shops or to a friend’s house. This first taste of freedom is only the start of your child maturing and growing up.

Build A Treehouse

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy building dens and fortresses of any kind. However, when you’re not quite a teenager yet you’re old enough to venture off into the woods or forest on your own with pals, creating your own haven for you and your pals is life-affirming. Encourage your child to hot foot it into the forest and build their very own treehouse. They may be in their final year or two of role-playing games and could create a castle fit for a king, a dwelling fit for a dragon keeper or a secret lair fit for a troll destroyer. Whatever the motive is behind the build, the treehouse will be a cherished memory for your child forever.

Enjoy The Snow

Snow is still a rare occurrence in many parts of the world. The excitement of seeing the white flakes falling from the snow-laden sky lingers into adulthood. When in the throes of youth, snow is the ultimate pull factor to get you outdoors. Your little darlings can spend their time making snow angels, building snowmen and having the ubiquitous snowball fights. No childhood is truly complete without rolling the perfect snowball and planting one square on the back of a rival. Wrapping up warm with a hat, scarf, gloves and a coat before venturing outside to experience the joy of the icy cold climate and feeling your fingers almost succumbing to what feels like frostbite is what childhood memories are made of.

Fly A Kite

It doesn’t matter whether your child makes the kite or whether you purchase the finest stunt kite on the market for them, the act of flying something and being in control is often a new experience for a child. Untangling the strings, keeping hold of the grips and seeing mum or dad launching the kite high up into the air as your child pulls the strings down sharply trying to catch that all-important gust will be one of the most striking memories for anybody. Flying a kite a la Mary Poppins allows the family bond to grow stronger as you all seek the common goal of seeing your kite soaring high up in the sky.

Being a kid nowadays can be tough. The lure of Facebook, technology, and video games can be too much. However, if you make it your mission to fill your child’s time with life-affirming and enjoyable activities, you’ll be making lifelong memories for the entire family.

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