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3 Ways you can do More to Make Your Family Happy

It’s impossible to play happy families on a 24/7 basis. Kids are bound to fight and their parents are bound to lose patience after a long and tiring day. Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t be a happy family as a whole. Sometimes, parents have to compromise to make their little ones happier, but there’s still room for the grown-ups to have a little personal happiness too. That means you’re just as much a part of your family as your children and you should be aiming to make sure every member of the family is happy. Here’s how to do more to ensure that becomes a reality.


Take time off.

First of all, you need to remember to take time off. That doesn’t mean you should ditch work or school, but you should use the weekends, evenings, school breaks, and vacation days to do the things you love with your family. Take a trip with the family at the weekend. You could go camping or even head to the museum if you want a free outing. Taking a vacation or a “mini-break” doesn’t have to be costly but you’ll receive as much as you put in.

In fact, taking time off is something you should do on your own too. You don’t want to drive each other crazy in your household by spending all your time together. Taking time off stretches to having a long soak in the bath after a stressful day. You need to practice self-care to safeguard your mental health. Remember to unplug from time to time; don’t look at your phone screen before bed.

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Improve your home life.

A happy home leads to a happy family. You should aim to make your home as cozy and welcoming as possible. Let everyone have a say in the theme of their room, make the backyard something worth playing in! My favorite thing ever, was when we lived in Dallas and had a hammock in our backyard! We were lucky enough to have two trees perfectly spaced to cinch the hammock straps. I honestly miss those tress SO much.

Of course, there’s every chance that the problems with your family’s home life are deeply rooted. Perhaps you’re tripping over each other because you’ve outgrown the house (as is natural when kids seem to double in size with every passing year).

You might want to consider that it’s time to move to a bigger house that’d be better suited to your family’s needs. It’s important that you and the family feel comfortable in your home. Whilst making such a big change might seem scary, it doesn’t have to be a stressful overhaul. You could look into a professional moving and storage company to help you relocate. Make sure you plan every step of your house-move so as to get the help you need and take all the stress out of the event.

Communicate with one another.

Most importantly, a happy family is one that communicates well with one another. Make sure you swap stories about your day. Ask the kids what they’ve been up to and tell them about your day too (but don’t bore them with details about work). You should let your children and partner know that they can talk to you about anything, good or bad. Open communication is everything.

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