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What Does Self-Care Look Like For You?

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Life is a busy thing, isn’t it? Flitting from commute to commute, working eight hours a day in a stuffy office for the benefit of someone else only to come home and have a hyperactive set of children to handle is a lot for some.

Family life is wonderful, but sometimes it can be so full on that you want to take pause and breathe for a moment – not something that every parent gets to do! Finding and appreciating a balance is an important part of life, but when the days smash into each other you can find getting a balance very difficult.


It’s important to feel compassion for those in the world around you, but it’s hard for a lot of people to feel that same compassion for themselves. When you are so busy looking after everyone else in your life, it’s often easy to overlook yourself and this can end up feeling like bricks stacked on your shoulders.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself is to grab hold of that moment to pause and take a second to remember that you are worth some self-love. Look at your daily routine and decide where you fit yourself into your own life. Is it during the commute? Is it during the evening housework? Nope, neither of those places allows for you to take a moment and appreciate yourself. You are important, too, and you have to remember that.

Adding self-care to every day, even if for just ten minutes every day, can be intimidating to some people. You may feel like you don’t have the time for yourself and that may be your first defense when someone asks you about taking time for yourself. The thing is, you DO have the time for yourself, you just have to decide to take it.

Adding self-care into your daily routine is the smartest thing that you could do for yourself. There are many ways you can care for yourself, and we’ve put some of those ways below for you.


It’s something we all have to do every single day if we want to wake up and feel ready to take on a new day of tasks. However, you’d be surprised at the number of people who do not go to bed when they are tired. Your sleep space needs to be optimized for relaxation and therefore you should be looking at mattress reviews for your bed to ensure you get the best support you need for a decent night of sleep.

You should also be ensuring that your bedroom is decorated in muted tones with low, soft lighting so that you can instantly feel calm when you walk in through the door. Sleep should be a big part of your self-care routine, and to make that happen you need to leave the screens and smartphones behind and keep your bedroom routine timed. Give yourself the gift of rest for more than three hours a day and you’ll quickly feel the difference.

Mindful Healthy Eating

There is something so unhealthy about stuffing your face with food as fast as possible. Meals should be an enjoyable time of day, a time where you can sit and savor new flavors and textures. You shouldn’t be shoveling down cheap, tasteless and bland food just to fill your stomach.

You are what you eat, and if you’re living on ramen and toast, you aren’t going to feel particularly energized. Getting away from feeling sluggish is so important, and so you need to start planning your meals so that you are eating in a healthy and mindful way, careful of what you nourish your body with. This will not only help you feel more energized, it’ll make you feel worthwhile and that’s what the aim is here.

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Recognize Your Wins

You – like a lot of people – spend a lot of time beating yourself up about the things you miss. The work deadline you didn’t quite meet, the track meet for the kids you didn’t get to on time and so missed. The to-do list housework items that never seem to get finished. You can spend a lot of time beating yourself up about the things you’ve done wrong, but what about the things you have done right? What about the times you spend with the children, making them feel happy and wanted and loved? What about the fact you cleaned out the garage and made room for the second car? Did you do the laundry? Each of these may sound like small achievements, but they are still wins in your life and you should give yourself a moment to celebrate those wins.

Unplug Your Life

We live in a digital world and it’s sometimes so easy to go from computer screen, to television screen, to smartphone screen. No matter where you go, you can sit and stare at the technology around you. If you want to practice good self-care, you need to take a step away from the tech and unplug.

Take yourself to the nearest beach and leave the smartphone at home. Sit down on the beach and pay attention to your senses. What can you hear? What can you smell? That sunset looks so much prettier when you’re looking at it with your eyes and not your phone camera. You can watch the crabs on the beach and hear the lull of the waves.

Unplugging from all the technology is a blessing that cannot be contained once you get started, so make a point of unplugging at least once a week to get connected with yourself.

Self-care looks different for everyone who participates in it, so never feel like the way you care about yourself is the wrong way. You can be a force of nature in your life but only if you recognize and appreciate who you are as a person first, and don’t lose sight of your identity along the way.

What little things do you add into your day for self-care?

What Does Self-Care Look Like For You? - The Southern Smiths: Practical tips for squeezing some YOU time into your busy day!

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