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Hello, December!

Happy Friday everyone! Today is the day I send out my Christmas Cards, and begin making last minute plans for Friendsmas and Christmas parties!

As I’ve discussed before, the holiday season is my favorite time of year. Specifically, there’s something about the magic of December. All the decorations, the trees, the lights, and music everywhere. It seems like a generally cheerful time in our community!

I absolutely love going all out for the holidays. Living in Southeast Texas, this isn’t something easy to achieve. Luckily for my kids, I’ve found an ice skating rink! It’s about an hour and a half away, but super affordable and I cannot wait to surprise them with a trip!

There are so many local activities we’re looking forward to tomorrow, and I’m hoping to hit almost all them! Just in one day we have:

-A Run, Run Rudolph 5k and 1k (8:30 am)

-Ice House Museum Make it and Take it Event(9-11am)

-Christmas in The Big Thicket Festival(10am-5pm)

-Meet Santa and Mrs. Claus at the library(11am-2pm)

and the first Christmas Parade we’ll be attending! (6-7pm)

Do you think we’ll be able to do them all? I hope so!

Wade has his first Christmas Party at Taekwondo next Thursday. Then next Friday we have the annual Christmas Tree Lighting in the Park (I /love/ tree lighting ceremonies!)which is going to have a Santa and a few activities. We’ve already had Santa come by on the firetruck and throw candy canes! (Our local fire department does this every year, on the weekends they do 6-7 streets a night with Santa rolling by)

The 14th we’re going to a premiere of the new Star Wars (because we’re total Star Wars nerds, no lie).

On the 15th we have our Friendsmas get together and white elephant (I’m NOT hosting this time). Then the 19th the kids have a potluck and so far those are all our set-in-stone plans before the big day! I’m sure there will be plenty more, as I mentioned the ice skating earlier!

Is your December calendar full yet? What activities do you have planned so far?

Hello, December! - The Southern Smiths: A few of my favorite things, as well as some of our December plans!