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5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools

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If y’all haven’t noticed, I’m obsessed with cooking. The more I can do from scratch, the better. I even recently found a scratch green bean casserole recipe! No cream of mushroom!

With all of this cooking, there are a few gadgets I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. Here’s my top 5!

Microwave plate-cover

Oh my gosh I love this. Sometimes, I have to heat something up (like butter), and this comes in SO handy to keep the splashing to a minimum. No more scraping food off the top of the door!

Meat Chopper

This was a stocking stuffer in my stocking about 4 years ago, and I LOVE it. It breaks up ground beef/turkey into perfect crumbles for you! It makes browning quicker and sooo much easier.

Lattice Cutter

You know all those pies I bake? I love using this tool with my easy 4-ingredient pie crust recipe. I actually have a few different lattice cutters for different looks and occasions. They save time and look SO much better than anything I can do by hand.


I wish I had a food processor, but my blender gets the job done! It is AMAZING at ricing cauliflower, no lie. I’ve also used it for a lobster bisque. Sauces, pesto, whatever I need to make this thing does its job.


I no longer dread slicing vegetables! I can get thin, medium, and thick slices. I can julienne, I can do anything! I’ve used it most recently for making chips! If you don’t have one, you DEFINITELY need to get one.

Do you love cooking? What are your favorite kitchen tools?

5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools - The Southern Smiths: 5 kitchen tools that will make your life easier!

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