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Kade Update!

I can’t believe he’s already experiencing his second set of holidays! I feel like yesterday we were heading home from Galveston, while I was freaking out thinking “It’s only been 24 hours, there’s no way we’re ready”. Now he’s a happy healthy, energetic toddler.

Kade is now 18 months old! That’s crazy, right?

He wears 12-24month shirts and 18-24month pants. His shoe size is 5-6, he wears sandals most of the time. He weighs 26 pounds, even, and is 31 inches tall.

He’s all caught up on his shots at the doctors, and has NO cavities! He currently has two more teeth coming in, and he is not happy about them. We are though! Now he’ll have 6 teeth!

He loves watching his daddy play video games, gets all into it and likes to take the controller and shoot off all the ammo Kody’s collected. Or he’ll run around doing nothing. Bath time is his favorite time of day, especially when he escapes from Kody and runs down the hall with a towel on his head. This is a nightly thing and the cutest! I’ll have to catch a picture one day.

He looks up to his brother Wade so much. I am thrilled with the bond between the two, and I hope they’re just as close to Jade when she gets here. Kade follows Wade around and has Wade reach for things, or open doors. They’re a team, the BEST team. We don’t even get woken up at night, they climb into each other’s beds if they need something. He hates the time when Wade goes to his daddy’s, but we try to give him somewhere to go like one of his aunt’s houses or with his grandparents.

His favorite thing of all, though, is food. Always. Anything. I don’t think he’s ever refused a single bite. It’s a running joke in the family that anytime someone calls to talk to him, he’s eating. Can you believe I have a baby that eats salmon and asparagus? We never have to cook separate meals for the kids.

That’s about all that’s going on with Kade right now, he’s trying to figure out the whole speaking thing.

Do you have kids? What’s their favorite thing to eat?

 Kade Update! - The Southern Smiths: An update on the youngest of the Smith clan, baby Kade!