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My Cleaning Schedule

I’m going to be real here guys. I am NOT the best housekeeper. Kody can tell you, I let things slip. Stuff gets messy. That said, the mess is NEVER trash or dirty dishes. What we call “mess” is toys on the floor, blankets in the hall, or mail and papers strewn across the table.

That doesn’t sound messy to you? I used to be that way. Then I developed a cleaning schedule that knocked my mess down to clutter.



The first thing I like to do in the morning is empty the dishwasher. It helps make sure I have all the dishes I need for the day and opens up the dishwasher so the sink doesn’t get cluttered. I also like to fold a load of laundry and load the washer. With four (soon to be five!) people in our family, there’s ALWAYS laundry to be done. Then I go back and make the beds, and make sure I’m dressed and ready for the day.

I wipe down counters and sinks at least once a day, to keep from having toothpaste build up or a food clog. Around noon, I sweep the kitchen floor and do a quick room by room pickup, putting things back in their place and throwing out the trash. Then I fold the clothes I started that morning.

At night, I load the dishwasher and run it, wipe down the counters and sweep again. I’ll run another load of laundry through that’ll be ready to fold the next morning.


This is where my daily cleaning duty comes in to play. During the weekdays, I’ve given each day a designated chore to keep the house together.

Monday- Bathrooms




Friday- Monthly Cleaning


These are the things I make sure to do once a month, usually on Fridays.

Wipe down the walls and doors.

Clean baseboards.

Clean out the fridge.

Change the air filter for the ac.

Vacuum upholstery and under couch cushions

Dust air vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures

Clean the top of the fridge and kitchen cabinets

Wipe down windows and window sills

Clean washer, dishwasher and coffee pot by running vinegar through them

Flip mattresses


Last but not least, those pesky things that need to be done once a year.

January- Clean hard-to-reach places behind the stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer

February- Clean medicine cabinets, toss expired meds

March- Steam-clean carpets

April- Organize pantry and kitchen cabinets

May-Wash windows inside and out, including screens

June- Clean and organize the garage

July- Wash duvets, blankets, comforters, spreads and pillows

August – Wash walls and use touch up paint

September – Defrost and clean freezer, clean oven

October- Polish silver, wash china, dust china cabinet

November – Clean and organize personal files

December – Clean out closets and drawers, donate clothes

And that’s it! My cleaning schedule that keeps the house clean and running smoothly

Do you have a cleaning schedule? What’s your least favorite thing to clean?

My Cleaning Schedule - The Southern Smiths: The schedules you need to get your house in order, and keep it that way!

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