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My Meal Planning Rotation Board

It’s payday! Isn’t it so relieving to finally stop stressing, distribute money to bills, and get your fridge restocked?

Thankfully, that last task isn’t too daunting for me. Why? Because when I see a recipe I like, I plan to make it. If it goes well, I save it to my meal planning rotation board.

I LOVE Pinterest. Who doesn’t, right? It’s the best way to save and organize a plethora of articles, recipes, DIYs, and more! I’ve got boards for recipes, home decor, general life tips, parenting, etc. My favorite of all, though, is my meal planning board.

I’ve saved a collection of healthy breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner recipes that have gone over well at our table. I have a four-year-old and one-year-old, but that doesn’t mean the meals are kid-friendly. We’re blessed to have kids that will eat salmon, or asparagus, pork, anything I put in front of them.

Don’t fret! The healthy apple pie oatmeal cookies  or pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are sure to win them over! When my kids are unsure of the meal, I tell them if they take 3 bites they can have whichever snack, and I’m fine with that because I know my snacks are healthy and protein packed.

So far I’ve got about 50 recipes saved, and I’m regularly adding more as my family reviews each meal.

These are my favorite recipes from each meal category that you can find on my board:

Breakfast: Quick and Easy Coffee Cake

Lunch: Crock Pot Baked Potatoes

Snack: Apple Slice Cookies

Dinner: Loaded Chicken and Potatoes Casserole 

If you like these recipes, make sure to follow the board! Do you have a favorite recipe board?

 My Meal Planning Rotation Board - The Southern Smiths: Healthy recipes for your family for all meals, including snacks!

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