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7 Must-Have Cleaning Products

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Does anyone enjoy cleaning? Like, get joy from it or feel relaxed while doing it, and not after? If so, your house must be spotless!
I am not one of those people. I despise cleaning. I don’t even know what “caught up on laundry” feels like. I’d die to have an affordable maid service in my area!
But, life is not a dream. These are my 7 must-have products that make cleaning a little less stressful!

Magic Eraser

Of course there is a brand name one, but honestly? I’ve used the $2 dollar store version and almost prefer it. With the link above, you can get 20 for a steal!! Whichever way you go, this thing is AMAZING. It’s a foam “sponge” that you add water to, and then the magic happens. There’s no chemical odor, and honestly, I’ve tried to figure out what’s in it but I can’t seem to (or maybe I’m just not looking hard enough right now?).

This thing has helped me remove crayon from beds and walls, cleaned my stove top and kitchen appliances, and even shined the sink! I can’t live without one.

Lysol Wipes

Or any brand disinfectant wipe. These are a must-have for quick counter wipes, high chair cleanups, even wiping messes off of the tablecloth! I use them more than I should, but I can’t get over the one-stop wipe and done quickness. At the link above, you can get THREE 110ct wipes for a ridiculously low price.

Soap dispensing dish brush

Guys. This thing is amazing. It has severely cut down on how often I have to buy dish soap. I’m the annoying person who has a dishwasher but expects you to wipe down your plate before you use it. It doesn’t remove stuck on grime, y’all.

And most of these brushes (like the one above) have disposable tips, so when the sponge becomes gunky and unusable, just pop the top into the trash and put on a clean one!

Vacuum attachments

I cannot survive without these. My favorite would have to be the angled tip. I use this to get into corners and creases of my couch, or those hard to reach edges under the lip of cabinets and appliances.
And of course, the fabric cleaner attachment is a must-have. I use it for curtains, the couch cushions, and most importantly, my car!

Extension duster

This one is a bit pricier, but /so/ worth it!

We have a cove ceiling in the living room, and let me tell you. That lip can gather some dust! That’s where my extension duster comes in. I can easily reach, and dust the ceiling corners and edges without stretching or balancing on chairs and pillows.
I also like to use it for ceiling fans!


I remember when these came out. We had wood floors growing up, and these made my life so much easier. Now as an adult, I have carpet, but I keep a Swiffer for my tiled areas. It’s so nice to not have to fill up a mop bucket and drag it around just for a simple under the table mop.

Spot Cleaner

If you have carpet, these are definitely worth the investment (Especially if you’re renting!). I can’t tell you how nice it is to not panic every time one of the kids spills jello or kool-aid, or a friend knocks over a glass of cabernet. Of course, I do the initial pat dry routine, but you know how those reds are.
The spot cleaner gets the job done! I place it over the area and let it do its thing. So much better than the old spray-and-brush routine

What are your favorite cleaning products? Do you use any of my favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

7 Must-Have Cleaning Products - The Southern Smiths: 7 cleaning products that make my day so much easier! Stop stressing over chores!

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