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5 Ways To Make Time For Yourself

Wake up earlier

Are you a last-minute sleeper? Do you like to sleep up until the EXACT minute you need to get dressed and go? If so, this is a perfect place to try and squeeze in some me-time.

Get up earlier! Get up 30minutes to an hour before you need to leave. Go ahead and go through your routine of getting dressed, and then, relax! Make a pot of coffee or tea. Read a chapter of a book, watch some morning shows, listen to a podcast. Take these quiet early morning hours to spend time with yourself, and wake up. Have yourself a full breakfast!

As a mom, I use this by waking up an hour before my children do. I get myself ready for the day, prepare breakfast, and have some prayer or meditation time. I also like to set my intention for the day.

Stay up later

Are you super strict about your bedtime? Chart your sleep schedule for a week. Determine if you might be sleeping too much. That contributes to those groggy days, and there is such a thing as oversleeping.

In the past, I’ve discovered that staying up a few hours past my kid’s bedtime gives me much needed time with my husband. If he takes time to do something for himself (video games, working out, hanging with friends), I’m able to do the same. This is usually spent setting up blog posts and images, redesigning the website, or taking a nice long shower (and SHAVING!).

Take lunch

This is for hard workers, eating salad at home over your keyboard, off work but still answering emails. If you have a designated lunch break, TAKE IT. Lunch-BREAK.

Get on Netflix, scroll through Facebook, GET OFF THE EMAILS. Call in an order and have a WARM lunch.

Join the coworkers wherever they might be going for the day. Use this opportunity to read, or listen to a podcast, whatever it is that motivates you to get through your day.

Add it to your schedule

Do you live by a super strict, hour by hour time slot schedule? If so, did you know you can pencil yourself in? Try it! Give yourself a single hour this week.

Get out your planner, open your calendar app, bring up your spreadsheet. Pick a single daytime hour this week that isn’t filled yet. Now, title it “Me Time”. Don’t schedule a specific event. Don’t make it long shower day, or read a book hour. Leave it blank.

When that day comes, and it’s finally your scheduled appointment with you, /do whatever you want to do/! That does not mean “Oh, I’m behind on this project I should be productive”. No. I want you to be unproductive. I want you to do something for yourself.

Lookup a new yoga video, find a guided meditation, browse your /personal/ social media. Call your cousin, sister, aunt, and chat. Do something with the intent of making yourself feel better.

Write out your to-do list

This seems weird, right? You may ask “How is this making time for myself? Isn’t this just another task to add to my already overloaded task list?”. Maybe. Maybe it is too much, and it’s a crazy idea. But, you may be like me. You may live daily with a running list in your head of all the things that you need to get done this week, month, year. You have no deadlines in sight, a repeating list.

Writing it out does two things: it allows you to list things in priority order, and it allows you to see your progress. Once you’ve got them written out, you can assign days to do them, instead of waking up with a million things to do. Spread them out and make your week more organized, and less stressful!

I hope these tips help you create some YOU-time!

What’s your favorite way to spend your alone time? Let me know in the comments below!

Now go and squeeze the day!

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