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Wade Update!

For the new people (read: basically every one of you that aren’t family), Wade is my oldest. He’s my four-year-old child from my previous marriage. He’s a pretty badass kid, with a love for cows, Teen Titans Go, being Metal, and his latest obsession: Taekwondo!


He goes every Tuesday and Thursday night. There hasn’t been a SINGLE time he whined that he didn’t want to go, or didn’t want to put on his uniform. If anything, he’s constantly asking me if it’s time to go (because he doesn’t quite understand days of the week yet… I need to get him a child’s calendar). He is ecstatic and pays attention to every single thing he’s told. He is adorable whenever he comes out and tries to teach Kade (his 16-month-old brother) his “Taekwondo moves”.

The day we signed his official paperwork and he received his white belt, I knew we made the right decision. He played T-ball last year, but that was nothing compared to the pride in his face. He tells EVERYONE who comes over about what he learned that week.

Healthwise, he’s got no cavities! He got his four-year shot series and didn’t even cry, he called them his “mosquito bites”. He’s generally healthy and hasn’t been sick in a while. He LOVES brushing his teeth and now does it on his own with supervision. I even had to buy the little cups you use for water because he didn’t like me helping him with the bigger cups. (I still do the flossing, I don’t quite trust him  on that level yet)

He’s an amazing big brother to Kade, and definitely a natural caretaker. He has no qualms about sharing any snacks, and if he wants a toy he always makes sure Kade has one too. He’s super excited for Jade’s arrival and has frequent meltdowns when I tell him she won’t be here for a while. He likes to tell everyone about his sister Jade in mommy’s tummy.  At my last ultrasound, he /did/ ask me “How is she going to come out of there?” at which point I replied “I’ll tell you when you’re older” and he was satisfied. What a freaking bullet dodged, I am NOT ready to go there.

I could always say she’ll come out of my belly button like a pimple popping, but I don’t want him squeezing my stomach!

That’s pretty much all that’s going on in Wade’s world right now!

What’s new in your world? Looking forward to any big plans this month?

Wade Update - The Southern Smiths: Taekwondo, Health and Being a Big Brother