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The Meal Planning App You Need To Download Now

Meal planning can be extremely stressful. You spend the day surfing Pinterest, looking for ideas to meet your needs. Nothing seems good. You can’t even find that ingredient in your town!

What’s the solution?

Technology has just become a way of life for us nowadays. We read the news, keep up with family, watch tv, schedule events ALL from our mobile devices. Check this out.

Plan To Eat.

This app is amazing.

It lets you plan breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. The app gives you the option to input your servings, ingredients and descriptions, and steps. Or, the best part, you can import a recipe from a link! It just copies the information over for you, so you aren’t going back and forth copying.

Create a menu

On the next tab, you assign the recipes to certain days and meal. For example, you’ll take a breakfast burrito recipe, and then set it to Monday – Breakfast. When looking at the calendar, you can tap a meal and it pulls the recipe up. This isn’t even the best part.


All those ingredients? Instantly turned in to a grocery list. If you plan for a week, it gives you a list for the entire week. It even combines into one total, so you know you need 3 1/2 pounds of ground beef to cook all of your meals. No more totaling ingredients on the side of your list and forgetting the most important one.

Do you have any favorite apps? Let me know in the comments below!

Now go and squeeze the day!

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