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Happy Halloween!

It’s officially the beginning of the holiday season! We’ve had a LOT of celebrating going on in our neck of the woods. Here are just a few things we’ve done this past week!


Pumpkin Carving


Kody and I probably like this part more than the kids! Seeing our creations come to life is really awesome to me, even if we are using stencils. The kids pick designs for their pumpkins, and help us gut them, and then Kody and I do the carving! This year Wade’s had an obsession with spiders, so of course, he picked the spider pumpkin. Kade just kind of pointed at an image, but it was fun to do!



Wade LOVES Teen Titans Go. He’s obsessed with Robin, so obviously we had to find a Robin costume (the FIRST year he didn’t pick a cow costume! YES)
We thought it would be PERFECT to do the baby as Batman! Usually, the OLDER brother is Batman, but this was too cute to pass up.

Trunk Or Treat


Kody and I had a trunk at our Church’s community trunk or treat! It was sooo much fun decorating and getting to see the costumes of all the kids that came out. And of course, the boys enjoyed getting to trick-or-treat early!

They also had a church Halloween party, two other trunk or treats, and a Halloween party with a playgroup this morning!

I’m getting this typed up while we wait to go to Wade’s taekwondo class for the night, and then we’re going to figure out where to do some trick-or-treating before dinner.

What did y’all dress up as? How have you celebrated this week?

Happy Halloween! - The Southern Smiths: Pumpkin carving, costumes, and more!
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Blog Revamped!

Hey guys! As you’ve noticed, I’ve been gone a little over a year. I just couldn’t keep up with the unrealistic expectations I had set for myself and the image of my blog. So, let’s get into the NEW AND IMPROVED thesouthernsmiths!


We’re going to get real this year. I’m going to share everything this time. The ups, the downs, the awesome and the not-so-awesome. So, what’s in store this time?

Real world family updates. Poop on the walls? Accidentally slept in and the kids went wild in the house? 30-minute speed cleaning when your husband’s on the way home and you honestly did NOTHING all day? Screaming at the family to get dressed on Sunday mornings? Yeah. I’m not perfect. Neither are you!

Holiday posts, and LOTS of them! I’ve already got one planned for an AMAZING night we had this past weekend that was everything fall is supposed to be (in my humble opinion). I’ll share tips on planning for Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, and mommy group potlucks! We’ll share our present buying struggles and ideas, as well as the hustle and bustle of Christmas at 8 months pregnant (oh, joy!).

Home management tips! I’ll be sharing my favorite apps for meal planning, keeping everyone’s schedules together, facebook events (and who to send “real” invites to)! I’ll share cleaning schedules, easy weeknight recipes (and of course, my meal planning rotation board). Ways to keep carpets clean with two (soon to be three) extremely excitable children, cheap seasonal decorating ideas, it’s ALL coming.

And of course, we’ll get open and honest about mental health advocacy. I’ll share tips on finding low-income resources for mental health care, including finding coupons for medication without insurance, and cheap therapy options in your area. Mental health is so, so ridiculously important. Especially for mothers, with postpartum hormones, learning to take care of a new life, and managing a home (especially if you also work!).

I’m so, so excited to be back with you guys and to finally be -real-.

How have y’all been? Did you miss us?

Blog Revamped! - The Southern Smiths: New start, new purpose!